TThis is The 3D RadioActivity, #258, and on this adventure we are going to have a big time.   As an adjective the term denotes of considerable size, extent, or intensity.  It can be large, sizable, substantial, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, tremendous, gigantic, monumental, mighty, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous, Brobdingnagian, towering, tall, high, lofty; oversized, capacious, voluminous, spacious; jumbo, whopping, mega, humongous, monster, astronomical, commodious, ambitious, far-reaching, on a grand scale, popular or exciting in the interest among the public, popular, successful, in demand, sought-after, all the rage; hot, in, cool, trendy, now, hip, of considerable importance or seriousness, important, significant, major, momentous, weighty, consequential, far-reaching, impactful, key, vital, critical, crucial, life-and-death, powerful, important, prominent, influential, high-powered, leading, preeminent; major-league, generous, kind, kindly, caring, compassionate, loving, king, man, family or economy-sized.   So turn up the volume, stand aside and back up the truck, because there’s no telling how ginormous it is going to get!

Big 3D Tunes

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or download Big 3D Tunes here: The calendar tells me that our next episode will be just after the American Thanksgiving Holiday, and we will have a hodgepodge of music that we did not have enough time to play on the first go-around, so we will be having leftovers, which you can be sure will include something from Jimi Hendrix to observe his birthday among many other tasty treats for the ears and the grey matter between them.  After that, we’ll downsize after our Gigantic and Big efforts, as we will go with little, small and tiny music…  and we aren’t talking short songs, although you never know because this is The 3D RadioActivity.    Got any suggestions?  Send email with your ideas along to me, or surf on over to Facebook, and look for The 3D RadioActivity where you can “Like” the program and leave me a message there too.

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Thanks for dialing in, and we will “ear” you next time.  Rock On!

Uncle Marty

“Education is When You Read the Fine Print.
Experience is What You Get If You Don’t.”

~ Pete Seeger