I’m Uncle Marty, this is The 3D RadioActivity, and we are going city to city this time.  In most places, a town, village, community, or neighborhood is simply unincorporated with no governmental powers.  In lots of others, an incorporated city is a legally defined government entity, with powers delegated, created and approved by the voters of the city. It can provide local government services to its citizens.  We will get our own processes moving with a groove going from coast to coast featuring a few stops along the way.  Some are east, some are west, some from the middle and they all are the best.

City Ditties in 3D
You can listen:

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and you can download City Ditties in 3Dhere:

With Halloween coming up, we are going to get into different body parts over the next few weeks, like backs, the head, arms, eyes, feet, and lips if we have room.  Got any suggestions?  You know that I’ve already got a ton of music to choose from, so let me know what’s on your mind.  Be sure to tell me!

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Always remember the rules: Have Fun & play nice with others.  Thanks for turning me on & tuning me in!

Uncle Marty

“Education is When You Read the Fine Print.
Experience is What You Get If You Don’t.”

~ Pete Seeger