Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Fire’s Highway” by Japandroids

Two Guys! No, not the department store from the 1960s, and not The White Stripes or Black Keys either. I’m talkin’ about two Canadian guys, Brian King on guitar and vocals and David Prowse on drums, who brought a firestorm of fury onto these shores with one of the best albums all year, their aptly titled second full-length record “Celebration Rock.” Having seen these guys in action, I’m here to tell you that once they leave the stage, they leave a cadre of spent bodies with bleeding ears in their wake. And that’s a good thing, if your thing is high-powered, adrenaline producing walls of sound (think Husker Du) with the kind of chant-along hooks that haven’t been heard since U2 last fired up stadiums around the world. In fact, this clip from last summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival is the show I saw, and you can see my son and I in the very front of that throng of insanity. (We were on the right side facing the stage.) And if this clip doesn’t convince you that Japandroids are perhaps the most exciting group to come down the pike in a long, long time, then what you have to “Husker Du” is go see these guys next time they bring their two-man wrecking crew to your neighborhood.