Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “So Like Candy” by Elvis Costello

By 1991, Elvis Costello released “Mighty Like A Rose,” his second album for the Warner Bros. label. It was the follow-up to the critically hailed yet relatively flat album “Spike” and hits big hit song “Veronica” co-written by Paul McCartney. Costello and McCartney had also written a clutch of songs that turned up on Maccas “Flowers In The Dirt” album from around the same time. For album number two on the contract, Costello once again teamed with producer Mitchell Froom for an ornate collection of songs. Whatever he was going though in his personal life didn’t bode well for the record, and what we got was a decent collection of songs that suffered from too much production and arrangements that were as bloated as our beloved bearded Elvis himself. But like every Elvis record, there were gems like this one also co-written by Paul McCartney. Here he is perfroming the track on Saturday Night Live