According to Merriam-Webster, the dictionary folks, The Origin of NEED was First Used before 12th century, Middle English , from Old English; akin to Old High German and Prussian precursors. The word can be a noun defining a situation in which someone or something must do or have; that is needed in order to live or succeed or be happy; or a strong feeling that you must have or do something. Synonyms include want, requirement, commitment, demand, obligation, right, urgency, use, wish, charge, committal, compulsion, desideratum, devoir, duty, essential, exigency, extremity, longing, must, occasion, requisite, and weakness. It can also be used in the form of a transitive & intransitive verb: to be in a condition or situation in which you require or must have something… on The 3D RadioActivity #273!
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