This time on The 3D RadioActivity, we continue running with the previous themes. We have gone from Fall to Down so on this show we will be playing up music to investigate things over our head. Up can be an adverb, (your time is up) adjective (you’re up next), preposition (up the creek), a noun (the market is up), a verb when he up and quit his job. It could be a direction, an independent University in Portland, a railroad known as Union Pacific, the northern part of Michican, or a movie. So here’s a series of musical statements and questions that look in that direction. Even Facebook asks what have you been up to? So remember what my Aunt Bonnie used to say “Keep Your Chins Up”!

The 3D RadioActivity Plays Up Music [jwplayer mediaid=”10666″]

You can listen or download it here too:

Be sure to tune in again, as our music will go round and around.

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Uncle Marty

“It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.”

­ Marilyn Monroe