In order to commemorate the first humans to visit there 44 years ago, this week The 3D RadioActivity returns to The Moon as it is “super” or near totality.  Our only natural satellite and the fifth largest in the Solar System, it is the largest  relative to the size of its primary.  It is unique in that the orb of the night experiences a stronger gravitational attraction to the Sun than the Earth. As a consequence, its path is always concave . This means it can be argued that this makes it a planet.  Usually, it is considered to be traveling around us, but its substantially distorted from a simple elliptical shape by gravity, which includes a tidal gradient which causes it to be attracted less strongly than quarter phases.

With a long association to insanity and irrationality; the words lunacy and lunatic are derived from its Latin name, Luna.  Philosophers Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that once a month, it induced insanity in susceptible individuals, believing that the brain, which is mostly water, must be affected by it and its power over the tides, but  gravity is too slight to affect any single person.  Even today, people insist that admissions to psychiatric hospitals, traffic accidents, homicides or suicides increase during this time, although there is no scientific evidence to support such claims.  Having long been the subject of many works of art and literature and the inspiration for countless others, it is a motif in the visual arts, the performing arts, poetry, prose and music.   So come on along, it doesn’t require rocket science to get there.  Just watch your step!


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Uncle Marty

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— Marilyn Monroe