Weekend Sports Report – 12/23/14

drunk-reindeerwith Dave Rusch and Steve Leventhal

….Once again, InternetFM and SRN Broadcasting present the Christmas Sports Spectacular version of the show.

(Editor’s note: the producer of the show was cautioned on the use of the words “Christmas” and “Spectacular.” We felt that nothing on this show could ever pass for “spectacular,” and the only reference to Christmas is the use of an old, butchered version of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” with lyrics that reference heavy drinking and Packer Dave, that is at least fifteen years old.  But the Weekend Sports crew kept waving the First Amendment in our faces, so we relented.)

Andy Dorf from Sports Byline Sunday and Bob Terrell, one of Dave’s old drinking buddies (the best we could do on short notice) join us to discuss the Lions-Packers game, as well as the other contests with playoff implications.

Hear interview audio from Mike McCarthy, Aaron Rogers, Marc Trestman, Jim Caldwell of the Lions, Bruce Arians of Arizona, John Harbaugh and Phillip Rivers.

Don’t miss cameos from Hall of Famer Len Dawson and Chris Berman.

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