The 3D RadioActivity # 277 looks at Life this time.  What is it all about?  It is written that it is the act of ‘being’ in a period of time that is completed by death. This however is distorted and blurred by the act of ‘having’ in today’s twisted social folk. Consequently society and its subordinates don’t persue their real aim of ‘being’ but are forced by mass media and propaganda-spreading so-called governments which therefore is self-destructive and will result in the implosion of mankind.  It is also called a particular type or aspect of people’s existence, or energy, including animation, vitality, vigor, verve, high spirits, exuberance, zest, buoyancy, enthusiasm, dynamism, elan, gusto, brio, bounce, spirit, fire, movement; pizzazz, pep, zing, zip, or vim – Like “he is full of life”.  It’s also a moving, force, juice, vital spirit, heart, and soul as in “the life of the party”.   Not only that It could be a board game, a breakfast cereal that comes in a box, a national magazine, insurance, a TV Series, a Movie, Extraterrestrial, or Artificial.  I guess what you get out of it all depends on what you put in.

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