I’m everyone’s Uncle Marty, on The Award Winning 3D RadioActivity, #516 as we prepare for and celebrate the birthday of a musical icon.  Elvis is the best-selling solo artist in the history of recording.  . He was commercially successful in many genres, including pop, country, blues, and gospel. He won three competitive Grammys, received their Lifetime Achievement Award at age 36, and has been inducted into multiple music halls of fame.  This is a party for him, as we will be playing cuts about his life by others!

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During our plan ahead, we received a message from beyond!   This can mean only one thing, that we will do this again next week, because unless you are Michael J. Fox, you got a little Elvis in you, waiting to get out.  If you want to unleash your inner Memphis Mafia, tell me with a message on our Facebook page which has links to the archives of all the earlier episodes and graphics in the photo section, or via  email .  Tell all your circle of best friends and family to look for us on  Theacidflashback.com,  http://www.villageconnectionmagazine.com/ Long Island, New York;  Denver’s MileHiRadioTuneIn and InternetFM dot com, because the best FM radio is now on the Internet.

Until we meet again, Always Rock On!

Uncle Marty

It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.

…Marilyn Monroe