Today in Rock History – June 17th

1965, Working at Abbey Road studios in London The Beatles completed work on the new Paul McCartney song “Yesterday” with the overdubbing of an additional vocal track by McCartney and a string quartet. They also recorded “Act Naturally” for Ringo’s vocal contribution on the Help! album and the song “Wait” in four takes. “Wait” will […]

Today in Rock History – May 30th

1964, The Beatles went to number one on the singles chart with “Love Me Do,” the group’s fourth chart topper in five months. The version released in America had Andy White playing drums while Ringo played the tambourine. The British single was a take on which Ringo played the drums. 1965, The Who performed at […]

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Walk Like A Giant” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

At the beginning of “Year Of The Horse,” the live Neil Young and Crazy Horses album from 1996, a fan yells “It all sounds the same!” to which Neil Young responds “It’s all one song.” No truer words have been uttered by the artist himself to describe his latest offering, the somewhat turgid “Psychedelic Pill.” […]

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Ride My Llama” by Neil Young

This “extraterrestrial folk song” from Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s 1978 tour and resultant 1979 “Rust Never Sleeps” album really hits my sweet spot. The song was recorded live at The Cow Palace in San Francisco, like most of the tracks from the “Rust” collection. It has a haunting chord progression with a prickly guitar […]

With Crazy Horse at Full Gallop, Still the Neil Young of Old — Chicago Concert Review

Please click here to read the full review on Neil Young and Crazy Horse with opening act Los Lobos United Center, Chicago October 11, 2012 @@@@@

Musicians At Work on The 3D RadioActivity

On this episode of The Award Winning 3D RadioActivity, we are playing songs about Work, various professions and other employees on the jog in honor of the United States Holiday celebrating “Labor Day”. We hope you had a pleasant day away from your toils, and have gratitude for all of the people who are on […]

Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Clementine” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Man, the balls on this guy. For years he’s been following his muse by foisting every type of music onto his unsuspecting public with the expectation that his audience is going to eagerly lap it up. We’ve had the faux rockabilly of The Shocking Pinks, the somewhat Republican country of “Old Ways,” half-baked concepts like […]

Song Of The Day – “Get A Job” by Neil Young & Crazy Horse

This ain’t your daddy’s doo wop…nor is it your sister’s “American Recordings” by Johnny Cash. What we have here are four crusty guys digging up some crusty old tunes and playing them the only crusty way they know how to. Nothin’ fancy…one take and done. You can practically feel the camaraderie and familiarity these guys […]