I’m your Uncle Marty, this is The 3D RadioActivity for the 467th time as we recommend that you set aside your cares for an hour, you can leave them and any WORRIES up to us.

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A while back, an idea for a feature bubbled up to the surface when I heard a toe tapper that encouraged all to get down and BOOGIE.  It didn’t take long for us to discover that we had over 500 tracks and artists who use that term, so we’re going to do exactly that for our next few happenings.  Some go back over 90 years, and we would love to play everybody’s favorite ones.  Tell me yours with a message on our Facebook page which has links to the archives of all the earlier episodes and graphics in the photo section, or by sending email.  Tell all your musically hip friends look for us on Theacidflashback.com, MileHiRadio in Denver, Long Island, New York’s http://www.villageconnectionmagazine.com/ TuneIn and InternetFM dot com, because the best FM radio is now on the Internet.

Thanks for making us part of your plan, and Always Always, Always, Rock On!

Uncle Marty

It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on.

…Marilyn Monroe